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The Rookie_Start-Up Kit

The Rookie_Start-Up Kit

  • $399.00

Perfect for a Low Volume Salon...
Up to 12 Full Body Tans per day

The Rookie Start Up Kit It is always nice to get everything you need in one big package. We at Glamorous Glo not only want you to be successful, but we want you to have everything you need to get started at your finger tips. So the Glamorous Glo Team put together their starter package. With this package we are enabling you with the ability to kick start your spray tanning and make it a hit, without having to purchase all the odds and ends separately.

This is a True HVLP System that is light weight, easy to manage and hand held. It is capable of applying that Glamorous Glo to all your clients in an easy, no mess, no hassle fashion. You will love that it weighs in at only 5 lbs. and features a 7 ft. hose so you can easily maneuver around your clients without the fear of dropping it. Your clients will love that with this machine you can give them that perfect, even spray tan in only 3-5 minutes. They will leave "Glo-ing" with their tan; feeling "Sun Kissed and Sexy...The Healthy Way."

The Rookie Start Up Kit includes:

  • HVLP System including Turbine, 7 foot hose, and Spray Gun
  • 8 oz. Cup
  • 1 Gallon of our Glo Solution
  • 8 oz. After Glo After Tan Extender
  • 8 oz. Bliss Moisturizer
  • 8 oz. Pure Body Wash
  • 8 oz. Reveal Exfoliator
  • 4 oz. Expose Prep Spray
  • DVD Training Video
  • Spray Tanning Client Brochures
  • Tan Maintenance Guide
  • Flyer
  • One on One Training
  • Spray Tanning Artist Certificate

The Power Behind The Tan...
In order to get that even perfect tan, the machine you choose must produce an equally balanced power vs. air ratio. The Rookie has been properly designed to deliver just that. The Rookie applies solution at a comfortable 1.7 PSI level. This is vital so you can eliminate the waste of your tanning solution.

The Rookie runs on a cool running taper-fan motor. The Rookie has gained the reputation of being the quietest in its class of HVLP machines. This motor is ideal because it allows this machine the capability of servicing up to 12 clients a day. It's perfectly designed for the salon that offers this feature on the side. When choosing your equipment it is imperative that the machine be able to handle your clientele.

The Rookie features a removable 8 oz. solution cup, which will let you tan 3-4 clients before needing to refill.

Your spray gun's ability...
When creating art, you need the right tools. Well the same goes with creating that perfect tan on your client. The Rookies gun has been redesigned to allow the spray artist the ability to easily adjust its two features. The hand held gun features a knob on the back to adjust how much solution is applied during each tanning application. Also, featured on the front of the gun by its nozzle, is a twist knob allowing you the ability to spray either horizontally or vertically. You can also turn the twist knob on a diagonal and you can create a circular pattern allowing for contouring. The spray gun continually provides constant air flow during the entire application process. When the trigger on the gun is completely released, the air will continue to flow allowing for constant drying. You can also disconnect the hose from the gun and use the warm air from the hose for even faster drying.

Maintaining your machine is easy...
This machine also delivers a VERY easy maintenance package. It is quick and easy to clean. To simply clean your machine, fill the solution cup with our Organic Gun Cleaner and run until the solution comes out clear. The cup for the solution is dishwasher friendly. Cleaning the filter is also convenient because it is located on the back of the machine. Keeping your machine clean will not only preserve the life of your machine, but will also protect your warranty.

Warranty Pack...
With everything that The Rookie has to offer you, it also is backed by a 1 year warranty on the motor. This warranty is offered as long as the machine is properly used and maintained.

With the help of The Rookie you can bring your salon into the revolutionary tanning status. Having all your clients leaving happy and "Glo-ing".

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